Looking backward to 2005, the year we have start our small business of a fine Quality Clothes makers, in Bangkok , in order to serve potentially growth of fashion goods in Thailand fashion industries. That time we started by a group of just 5-8 people who were the best sewing operators from all of the big well know factories in Thailand.

With better workmanship and quality compared to other competitors, and better on time delivery service , we have gained trust from our customers continuously.

Until 2012 we have invested for another level of full service to our customer, we started our new head office with complete facilities to serve customer's needs. We have builted a Fashion House Office with 150 sq.m. area in urban Bangkok area , which is convenience to connect to customers.

We invest in ''Pattern Cutting Ploter Graphtech model CE- 5000-120AP'' and bought ''Toray Pattern Software'' including full time expert pattern maker in order to serve customers and work with highest skill Sample Room Technical Sewers.

Greaten also invested in Cutting Table, and Pressing Streams for doing complete Developing Process. Factory floor, we have 80 Experts Sewing Operators who are very respect in High and Fine Quality product. Which make us different from all Poor Quality and Service Sub Contractors which can easily find in Thailand or China, We believe in making only Quality Products and Services, that is our Philosophy.